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Productive ICT (PICT) was formed in 2013 by the not for profit IT Forum Gold Coast and 8 successful SME members to provide an Alliance of ICT business that offer services under the “PICT” capability banner.

These successful SME member businesses have been in existence for 10 or more years.



Productive ICT has a mission to:


Start-up Ecosystem

The PICT Alliance is committed to partnering with start-ups to assist them to grow their businesses. With 8% of Australia’s start-ups located on the Gold Coast region, start-ups provide our alliance partners and customers’ with access to cutting edge technology, that will give their businesses a competitive advantage. In conjunction with IT Forum Gold Coast, the PICT Alliance is committed to supporting the ICT start-up ecosystem on the Gold Coast. We see start-ups as an essential component of the ICT ecosystem and creating a globally renowned innovation hub. This is being achieved through programs, mentoring, visiting entrepreneurs, access to high growth accelerators, venture capital investment, through our partnerships with Silicon Valley, China and Israel and leading Gold Coast Universities such as Griffith, Bond and Southern Cross.

Benefits for start-ups partnering with the alliance:


Why Choose Productive ICT?

We support the growth of SME’s and maintenance of local ICT skills ad employment. We believe that organisations need to be able to add and remove capability when it is required. At Productive ICT we work with you and our alliance members to build capability that aligns with your business plans.

We’re Australian

Productive ICT is Australian owned and operated, keeping money in our economy and allowing us to stay up-to-date with specific matters and issues that directly affect our Australian clients.


Productive ICT has alliance members that are successful, experienced and able to work collaboratively to provide you with local team capability.


Productive ICT alliance members have worked across a range of industries.

Outcomes and Benefits

We work with you to produce the outcomes and benefits that you have defined as part of your project, transformation or operational improvement. We have the communication, business and technical skills, the focus and the experience to ensure we are an integral part of your team.


Our people are experienced at working as members and leaders of teams on projects.


Our Expertise


PICT Alliance Capabilities

The PICT Alliance provides the widest range of local and specialist ICT services for business and government. We are an alliance of Gold Coast owned and/or based local, national and multinational IT companies delivering ICT services, under a single capability and management framework. The Alliance structure allows companies to be more agile and flexible to suit their customers’ needs.

Our Alliance creates one team with diverse experience and specialist expertise. The Productive ICT (PICT) team, has company/individual members that are highly skilled and experienced in delivering government, corporate and small business IT solutions. Our expertise can also be integrated with your in-house teams to optimise project and business outcomes. Each of our alliance company and individual members have more than 15 years industry experience, in their area of expertise, delivering global solutions for many well known local, state, national and international companies and government agencies.



Graham Williamson: 0412 750 000

Frank: 0418 33 55 64


ABN: 73 166 950 894


If you had a choice, would you like to have more business?

When I ask that question the most common answer is yes because that means more money coming in to pay the bills and wages.

Often your team could take on more work as they are not working at full capacity. This means you are going to be more profitable. If your team appears to be at full capacity, its time you look at ways to become more efficient and improve your effectiveness and output, again giving you the opportunity to grow.

The good news is that most businesses can do more work for customers, either existing or new.

How do we get the extra work that is out there?

Answer: Become part of a collaborative value chain

Collaborative definition
A value chain is the whole series of activities that create and build value at every step. The total value delivered by the collaborative group is the sum total of the value built up by the individual businesses in the collaborative group. Original definition see Michael Porter 1980 ‘Competitive Advantage’.

Working together provides better opportunities as we can take up bigger projects – it will provide us all with more work!

The Forum has been working over the last 5 years to build opportunities for businesses to learn, grow and gain new opportunities.  Earlier this year we ran a workshop for a week with Major Events International (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSi9y7vnP0A) that gave people access to organisations that had been successful in previous Commonwealth Games and other sporting events. The heads of the various sections organising the Commonwealth Games came for half a day and gave us briefings.

We are currently talking to the Health and Knowledge Precinct about how we can be of assistance in regard to supporting companies that want to set up in the Knowledge Precinct. We believe SME’s can provide a collaborative value chain to these organisations.

What do you need to do:

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