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web GL assistance

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You are required to create an output for 8 one story house products similar to what is found here in terms of the overall experience to run in an offline iOS (primarily used on iPads) environment.
Alternatively, the experience could sit on a web environment as long as it is natively supported by all commonly used browsers and is able to be packaged to run locally on an iPad as well:

This experience should allow users to walk through a number of houses based on supplied equirectangular panoramas at 8k x 4k resolution taken approximately 1m apart from each other (note: this will be a large number of images to allow for a detailed walkthrough).

Transitions between these panoramas should result in a similarly smooth experience when moving through the building. A minimap (top down floor plan) will indicate where the user is currently located within the house, and a selection menu allows the user to choose any of the other houses to walk through. The navigation should occur via tapping on any part of the floor space on the current hotspot to move to the next hotspot of the respective location, akin to the example provided above.

  • All panorama images will be provided by us from a virtual environment created in Unreal Engine 4.
  • You will also receive the floor plans for each building (6 in total) to organise the walkthrough and create the minimap.
  • You will be tasked to create a fully packaged user experience to be installed locally on an iPad, including a basic UI following provided corporate design guidelines.
  • All working files need to be set up in a templatable manner and supplied to us for further development, along with the IP for the application.
  • The time frame for this project will be 3 weeks
    • with a work in progress update every 3 days from the receipt of all information,
      • with frequent milestone updates to ensure the appropriate and timely delivery of the requested output.

All files will be submitted to you once we have agreed on the scope and your suitability for this project.

The strict adherence to timelines is of crucial importance, you should only bid for this project if you are capable to deliver this output based on your existing skills and experience.

  • Each of the 8 house products will be one milestone.

Please see a number of (half-size) panorama images as a sample of what graphical input we will supply for you to create the application outlined above.


In your response, explain which solution you are proposing in detail and ideally provide relevant past examples of your work for assessment by our technical team.

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